Sea Food Weekend

Our seafood weekend is a unique experience. There’s no better way to experience a variety of seafood from ‘the chicken of the sea’ to the ‘King of the coast.’ Catch this iconic experience every first weekend of the month from Friday to Sunday bringing together great people.


Just Dine With Us

For a truly memorable dining experience, cuisine and atmosphere are paired as thoughtfully as food and wine.

Exclusive Dining

See and be seen at the most exclusive dining destination in Kampala

Fine Dining

select your wine from the cellar of French, Belgian or Italy’s best. Then proceed to dine on regional classics given a contemporary twist

Summit of Belgian or European Cusine

Chef Anthony combines classic French ingredients with innovative techniques that draw out each delicate flavour.

Continental Flavours

The chef creates distinctive Italian cuisine with ingredients such as aged rice or the delicate Botzi pear.